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Training Programs

Free training program

Prepare for your chosen distance in this year’s BMA Mackay Marina Run by following a free training program.  Prepared by Mackay’s Tri-Activ8, each program is designed to get you to your goal. Click on the program that is best for you, print it out and you are on your way. 

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Pat Carroll Training Offer

This year the Mackay Marina Run has partnered with Pat Carroll “Australian All Comers Half Marathon record holder 61:11” (that’s fast) as your personal online running coach.

Pat will join Benita Willis as our 2018 Event Ambassador and M.C. for the Mackay Marina Run and he has a special offer to help you achieve your running goals.

Pat Carroll ONLINE & and ONLAND will write you a personalised program which factors in your current running ability, availability and your goals and he will keep in contact with you (he is committed to your running and is energetic and fun). He is happy to set programs of all distances for all levels of runners and has a fantastic success rate.

SPECIAL OFFER: 2018 Mackay Marina Run – Sign Up “NOW” and with 16 weeks to go Pat is offering his 12 week fee - $155. Click here for your own personalised program.